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The Global Board Ready Women LinkedIn Group

The official database and list of Global Board Ready Women, as compiled by the European Business Schools/Women on Boards Task Force, will offer headhunters, Chairs and boards a central place to locate women who are qualified to sit on a board when they are looking for new board members. It will also provide a forum for all women aspiring to be on, or who are already on, a board to enable them to discuss boardroom issues and share thoughts, ideas and experiences – and to receive articles and items of interest.

This is a closed group, only open to those who meet the joining criteria (see below). Anyone looking to appoint or long/short list a woman to a board position can also be granted temporary membership to enable them to fully search the Group.

Before requesting to join the group, please review the following criteria for joining the group and being on the list:

Quantitative criteria

All women on the list should have at least five years’ experience in one or a combination of the following roles:

  • Chair and/or non-executive director of listed or private corporations
  • Chief Executive Officer, COO, CFO and other C-suite executive or director level appointments in listed or private corporations
  • Family member and controlling shareholder of boards of large family companies
  • Director of government agencies
  • Director of non-profit organisations
  • Institutional investment community senior professional
  • Professional firms senior partner serving boards and their committees as clients
  • Entrepreneur

The women on the list should be able to demonstrate that they are financially literate. Profit & Loss experience is advantageous, given that some large companies have this as a pre-requisite for board roles.

Qualitative Criteria

In addition, the Task Force believes that candidates on the list should be practitioners of excellence in corporate governance. This suggests the following qualities:

  • Articulate communicator and good listener
  • High level of emotional Intelligence – ability to understand the dynamics of the boardroom, how to deal with conflict when it arises
  • bility to self-assess
  • Can enhance contribution through feedback
  •  Can lead when appropriate, but aware of collective responsibility and engagement
  • Can challenge constructively and be supportive when necessary
  • Sharp mind and good judgement
  • Self-confident without being dogmatic
  • Understand the importance of independence
  • Courage to stand up for that which is in the best interests of the company
  •  Understand how to add value to a board
  • Team player

Once you have requested to join the group, the Administrator will be in contact to verify your credentials.

If you are being recommended by one of the supporting business schools or other organizations, they will be able to give you a unique access code.

If you are not being recommended by one of the supporting business schools or organizations you will be required to submit your CV and two referees who can vouch for your suitability to join the list.

If you are looking to view the list for the purpose of long/short listing, please contact the Administrator, Julie Morel (, for temporary access.