Q. What is the Board Ready Women Initiative?

A. Women’s networking groups and business schools around the world have joined forces with the European Commission’s Vice President Vivian Reding and an appointed Taskforce to play a prominent role in identifying and promoting qualified senior female leadership and enabling women to tap into professional networks to increase the flow of women in business schools and focus on capability building.

Q. How will the Board Ready women be identified?

A. Each member of the Task Force has committed to identify members who can be added to the global list of women that currently serve on boards or are Board Ready. We would also welcome suggestions.

Q. How will companies/executive recruiters access the list once it is compiled?

A. The global list of qualified women is accessible via a “request to join” LinkedIn Group that is easy to find, join, and use and whose membership is only open to the Board-ready qualified women and those searching for board appointments. This will enable recruiting companies to search, find and approach Group members who meet their criteria. We are pleased that the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club is administering the LinkedIn Group on behalf of the initiative. The Taskforce will ensure that appropriate measures are taken to preserve the confidentiality and privacy of members.

Q. What are the criteria to be included?

A. The Taskforce, in association with the Financial Times, Watermark For Women and the Business Schools, has agreed on a site of criteria for inclusion. Please see the “GBRW List Criteria” page for more information.

Q. What criteria will be searchable?

A. Recruiters and companies will search by a selection of criteria (group, industry, location, etc.) and by individual phrases within a profile (for example “corporate finance”). The Financial Times will share a Board profile guide they have created so that women who have been accepted to the Group can update their profiles for maximum exposure.

Q. Do the women have to have an MBA to be included?

A. As long as a woman has the relevant experience that qualifies her to be board ready, she does not have to have an MBA. Our intention is to put together the most comprehensive list of board ready women and that includes women of all experiences and education.

Q. Why is the Financial Times administering the LinkedIn Group? Will my information be shared with third parties?

A. The FT recently launched a LinkedIn Group for their Non-Executive Director Certificate Programme which currently has over 600 senior women members and generates a lively and active debate. They have expertise in this area which would be useful to help ensure that the list works as well as it can, and will make use of opportunities to promote the group to recruiters and qualified women through the various channels open to them, as a part of their general marketing activities for the FT NED Club and NED events.

Q. Can I nominate other women to join the group?

A. All board-ready women are welcome. Please send an email to the Administrator of the Board Ready Women LinkedInGroup: Julie Morel at Individual nominations will be asked to submit a CV and if they meet the eligibility criteria, the Administrator will ask them for two references. If these references are acceptable, they will be allowed to join the Group. If there is any doubt at all, the Administrator will refer them to the Taskforce for final approval.

Q. Can anyone join the Board Ready LinkedIn Group?

A. This will be a closed Linked In Group. No one will be allowed to join the Group unless they have been approved by the Administrator. There will be no option for people to invite friends/colleagues without them going through the same approval process.

Q. Do I need a LinkedIn Profile to participate?

A. Nominated profiles, including self-nominations, should include a link to their public updated LinkedIn profile with board ready experience included so that the review committee can access and profiles are reviewed, and posted if approved, in their final form to the LinkedIn Group.